I failed engalish? thats unpossible

I want to start by apologising to the fans as i havent written a blog in a while but … Hooray for me! I just finished my first book since high school and it wasn’t wheres wally (could never find that prick). It took a while but girl wit the tattoo of dragons and shit is done. I realized something about books. its like marriage. so much commitment needed to start one and guaranteed to eat up your free time.

Has anybody heard of this lil thing called the share market? not sure how u can lose money on it. been makn a bundle and . Julian “the assassin” Assange. yeh i dropped the JA bomb. is it just me or is he starting to give the image of a bond villain? watch out Daniel Craig.

Make sure u get ur flu shots people! There is a massive fever goin around that hasnt been seen since the 70’s ‘disco fever’. BIEBER FEVER ppls. get ur vaccinations now before the twat releases his movie and the fever spreads. just a heads up.

Fail English


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So you wanna be a hero?

i’m trying to get this site back on track. Can i ask y the fuk Current Affairs did a special program on casey the bully fighter (check out youtube clips just updated cause its on their ). i mean yeh it was hilarious that this kid got his revenge but 50 Yemen protesters have been shot dead by govt snipers during a rally, the western world has practically declared war on Libya and not to even mention the disaster that japan is going through. Focus on the real issues guys not on the bold prince of england comin down to shake a few hands and kiss babies. FFS. My favĀ  part of the Casey interview was the interviewer asking if he thought he was a superhero. BAHAHAHAHA.

And how can i ignore the state election. I love how some betting agencies already have given up on labor a week out from the election and started paying out gamblers. nice ….

So this week has been pretty fukd up but hopefully the future looks bright. BTW heres a song to get stuck in ur heads. till nxt tym peeps keep it sleazy.

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Why so serious?

Thee city of Sydney is alive and demanding. Peeps yelling in my ear to free asylum seekers and all i wanted to do is eat my pork roll. I told them i didnt have the key to the door to let em out, but that didn’t matter.

Geez blogs are hard work. There is only so much i can write about before my brain starts to hurt. but yeh life goes on. What ever happened to the cheetos mascot Chester the Cheetah? i mean is he dead from eating too many cheetos and dying from obesity related deaths such as a heart attack. or is it more sinister, was he murdered by Coco the monkey who saw cheetos as delicious alternative to cereal. is coco the monkey a CEREAL KILLER!!!! i wanna update the community so please comment and let me know where he is now … i got sta kno.

RIP Chester 1970-2011

I’ll leave you with this thought:

Strawberry Sauce, Chocolate sauce, BBQ Sauce, Fuck Sauce oooooOOOO – ooooOOO – oooOOOoooooo (Duck sauce tone)

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Bitch i’m a monster no good bloodsucker

Tuesday and shit is getting crazy up in ere. Sorry to get all gangstalicious but its my coping mechanism to deal with the stress that the weekend is soooo far away. So its international womens rights day today… more like international bra burning day to bitch about men. Where is international mens day? ah well i still got ake today so cake quota is up for the week, hooray for me.

Put your hands up if your favourite food is pizza? yeah i was once like you throwing my hands up in the air like i just didnt care. But then came Prawn feta & Alfredo by Dominoes. or as it should be known, fukn shit bro. Nearly vom’d after a slice. To make things worse pizza shapes have also been under-performing. “Flavour you can see” AHAHHAHAHAHHA wat a joke. it has now become a dry tasteless biscuit. pick up your game Arnotts for fuks sake. yeh i’m angry!

Gangsta Cookie Monster

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The Boy with the Sloth Tattoo

Views have been going up and poll votes are being counted. I wanna thank everyone for commenting and the personal msgs i received. The overall jist from the feedback i have received is that this website has no point. Then i ask you the people, is the point of the website is that it has no point. yep u just been BRAIN FUCKED!

Other news. Due to the increase in popularity of the website i have been forced to hire an executive marketing manager so please welcome H mang. He will also be using guerilla advertising tactics which is out of my hands and i dont condone.Their is a new picture up on ( ) so try and guess where it is. Congrats to all past winners and the prize that they may/may not receive.


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Ok so i’ve spread the word on FB, twitter and msgs. Hopefully this page will start getting more hits. Peeps feel free to leave comments cause i need feedback to see what YOU the public wants.

Also please vote on this weeks Poll: … If you vote you might be in the running to win a mystery prize!


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The world as I see it

Greenland. Yeah we all know and love it but how much does the world actually know about Greenland. Has anybody actually seen the size of Greenland. ITS THE SIZE OF SOUTH AMERICA (according to some sources). Have a look at the map below if you don’t believe the anonymous source. I mean come on, as if there is not some lost spear throwing eskimo type civilization somewhere their. All I am saying is somebody please check them for some WMD’s.

Ok so you now know my origins of why i came up with the website name and thats probably the only link to the name that will come up ever again. On to other and (hopefully) better things ….



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